Young J Tidanje

Young j Tidanje was born as Quely j auguste on 03-27-1989 from Saint Marc latibonit left haiti when he was 12yrs old. live in west palm beach FL. Favorite color is black, graduate from santaluces community high school. Young j tidanje have eleven siblings, 7 brothers & 4 sisters. His favorite band is djakout , masters of Haiti, carimi, king posse & klass. Young j tidanje favorite artist is black Alex (r.i.p). He is the founder and the CEO of KASM Ki atis sa misic slogan ki atis sa, his a song writer as far as zouk, kompa reggae & rap. Young j tidanje favorite food is all kinds of Haitian food, his favorite sport is basketball & soccer. Favorite movie genre is action and comedy. Young j tidanje is a young entrepreneur. One of his greatness achievement is being the founder of ki atis sa foundation.His dream is to have a movie about his life and to become a leader in his country to help the youth accomplish they’re dreams and goals.

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